Last Name
Rieke Böhling
Fachbereich 9: Kulturwissenschaften
Communication and media studies, with a focus on comparative cultural analysis
Linzer Str. 4
+49 421 218 67672

Member in the ZeMKI Lab: "Communication History and Media Change" and "Transcultural Communication and Memory Studies"

Rieke Böhling is employed as a research associate at the Institute for Historic Journalism, Communication and Media Studies in the subject of communication and media studies, with a focus on comparative cultural analysis since April 2016. As part of the team of representatives for international affairs of the IPKM she is responsible for the bilateral agreements with the partner institutions. Moreover, she counsels incoming and outgoing students regarding exchanges with universities outside of Europe. Furthermore, she is a member of the collective of decentralized women’s representatives at Faculty 9. Her teaching for the BA communication and media studies is on qualitative research methods and media systems and media change.

In the context of her doctoral dissertation she researches mediated memories of migration in families.

In 2012 she finished her BA in American Studies at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). As part of her BA she spent a semester at the College of Charleston (USA). Subsequently, in 2014, she obtained a double degree from the Erasmus Mundus MA European Studies: Euroculture, at the University of Groningen and the University of Deusto (Spain). In her MA thesis she investigated representations of young Turkish Germans in three films from three distinct time periods. After completing her studies, she was employed as course coordinator in the consortium secretariat of the Erasmus Mundus MA European Studies: Euroculture at the University of Groningen until early 2016.

Research interests

Memory studies, migration studies, cultural representations of migration and migrants in different media, qualtative methods, interpretative text analysis

Research projects

Assistant managing editor for VIEW Journal of European Television History and Culture




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Böhling, Rieke/Lohmeier, Christine (forthcoming): On Storing Information in Families: (Mediated) Family Memory at the Intersection of Individual and Collective Remembering. In: C. Große and R. Drechsler (eds.), Information Storage: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (pp. xx). Springer.

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